Luke McNamara

CINE: Crooked Hearts, Andre the Seal, Tombstone, Digger, Magic In The Water, la trilogía Mighty Ducks, Cruel Intentions, Apt Pupil, Urban Legend, Scream 2 y próximamante, Gossip.TV >Dawson’s Creek. 

Caleb Mandrake

CINE: Meet The Deedles, Varsity Blues, She’s All That, Pleasantville, Brokedown Palace, Squelch. 

Will Beckford

CINE: In Too Deep, Beloved, He Got Game, Get on the Bus, HavPlenty, Zooman, Full Court Press, Blankman, Steel; y la aclamada One Red Rose. Próximamente aparecerá en The Visit, The Nephew, Loving Jezebel y Box Marley.

TV: City of Angels para CBS, la mini-serie Mama Flora’s Family, Live Shot, ER, N.Y.P.D., Blue, Murder One, The Fresh Prince of Bel Air y Married...With Children. 


CINE: Private Parts, The Space Between Us, Touch Me, The Young Unknowns.Actualmente aparece en la serie de WB Televisión, Popular.  

Craig T. Nelson
Litten Mandrake

CINE: Devil’s Advocate, Ghosts of Mississippi, I’m not Rappaport, Poltergeist y Poltergeist II, The Other Side, The Killing Fields, Silkwood y The Osterman Weekend.

TV: Coach, The Huntress, Dirty Pictures, To Serve and Protect, Take Me Home Again, Ride With The Wind, The Josephine Baker Story y Call to Glory.

TEATRO: Ah Wilderness! de Eugene O’Neill. 

Ames Levritt

CINE: To Live and Die in L.A., Manhunter, Fear, Cousins, Amazing Grace and Chuck, Young Guns II y Passed Away. Recientemente completó dos proyectos de película independientes: Gunshy y Kiss The Sky.

TV: Long Gone de HBO, The Rat Pack, la miniserie de ABC The Kennedy’s of Massachusetts; la miniserie de NBC The Beat; Keep the Change de TNT, y 12 Angry Men para Showtime.

TEATRO: The Night of the Iguana, The Belly of The Beast y más de 35 producciones teatrales. 


TV: Family Law en CBS y Veronica’s Closet.

CINE: The Faculty, Flubber, Lawn Dogs y Leave It To Beaver, Happy Gilmore, Quiz Show , Thelma & Louise, Unforgettable, Rich Man’s Wife, Grumpy Old Men, Chances Are, A Smile Like Yours, Outrageous Fortune, Grease II, Dutch y The Tuskegee. Próximamente The Perfect Storm, Nurse Betty y Requiem for a Dream.

TEATRO: Hay Fever, Bouncers, Hamlet, Othello, The Taming of The Shrew y Final Touches 

Detective Sparrow

TV: The Practice, Life On The Streets, Against The Wall, Law and Order, New York Undercover, Murder One y Chicago Hope.

CINE: The Rock, Sugar Hill, The Mod Squad y la película independiente Beyond the City Limits.

TEATRO: The Heliotrope Bouquet, Macbeth, Richard III, Julius Caesar y The Great White Hope.


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